Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Transform customer experiences

Create targeted messages and activities guiding your prospects and customers along predefined journeys tailored to their demand on relevant information. Multichannel campaigns allow you to integrate customer journeys involving all possible channels as Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to handle the creation, management and tracking of multichannel campaigns.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Engage with customers one on one, at scale, to build meaningful relationships and grow your business.

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Opportunities with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights


Qualified leads

Generate better qualified leads for sales by running multiple campaigns across different channels at once delivering personalised experiences. In this way your sales department are better informed in the interests before engaging with leads and customer.


Raise your potential

Raise your marketing potential without increasing your workload. Once templates and customer journeys are setup they can be used indefinitely. Working within one platform across your organisation eliminates data silos therefore increasing the 360° view of your relations.


Increase ROI

Increase your marketing ROI by automating processes and reducing administrative time. Real time data and tracking of marketing communications stored at contact level ensures nothing is lost and action is taken on insights gained through campaigns.


GDPR Compliant

Manage subscriptions and confirmations at contact level while building a historical view helping your organisation remain GDPR compliant

Bring joy to your digital interactions.

Real-time customer journeys

Effective marketing campaigns catch and keep the attention of your audience. The built in customer journey tools enable you to create multi-step marketing campaigns aligned with the journeys you design in fitting with your business. Customer journeys comprise of content delivered by a series of e-mails while tracking and measuring interactions triggering the next step in the journey. Depending on the actions, your audience can be sent down different paths.

  • Run customer journeys tailored to your audience and their differing interests
  • Envolve the sales department earlier in a customer journey where needed
  • Personalise messaging to your audience with dynamic content
  • Respond to your audience’s actions in real time on the channels they use most

Organise events effortlessly

Eliminate the complexity of organising live events and webinars with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights event management. Tools for planning, promotion, attendance of events are standard features of the event management module.


Seamless contact, registration, and attendance management features in one system including attendee passes.


Reviewing the attendance history of each contact, including events and sessions attended.

Microsoft Teams

Supporting Microsoft Teams webinars and live events.

Online presence

A fully functioning event website.


Manage your venue including rooms and room layouts.

D365 Customer Voice

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey integration for survey’s.

Connect with your online presence

Measure responses across your various marketing activities and campaigns by creating and embedding forms on your own external websites. In this way data submitted on the website is immediately available in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. In addition to  your website, social media channels can also be integrated.

  • Schedule and post messages directly to your organization's accounts on social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook)
  • Track website visits, social media clicks, and banner clicks
  • Provide returning contacts with a form that already shows their previously entered information as stored in Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Setup a subscription centre allowing known contacts to manage their communication preferences and contact details with your organization
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Integrated and up to date

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is fully integrated in the Dynamics allowing data to be exchanged with the application used by Sales and Customer Service. This enables professionals within your organization to work with apps tailored to their specific needs while freely sharing data and processes with colleagues focusing on other parts of the business.

  • Native integration eliminating synchronisation of data
  • One contact record with sales, marketing, customer service data giving a 360° view of the customer
  • Create segmentations based on input from sales, customer service and even other integrated software such as ERP
  • Collaborate on LinkedIn sales and marketing campaigns


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Bring joy to your digital interactions.