CRM oplossingen voor overheidsorganisaties

Centralization of data

Managing all information on citizens, companies and files centrally on 1 platform and linking them to authentic government sources where possible, leads to one 'source of truth' with better insights and reporting on your processes. Via this digitalisation, everyone always has the possibility to follow up their own dossiers via a digital counter.

With our solutions and extensive practical experience, we help make government services simpler, more user-friendly and more accessible, in such a way that citizens, companies and associations prefer to conduct their business with the government digitally.

Kennis van uw sector

Digitization for a better service

Every government wishes to organize and make usable all digital information in such a way that its services can be continuously improved.


Comply with requirements

Citizens and businesses have high customer service requirements in a B2B context. Their expectations towards public services are identical.



Despite the fact that governments often have limited operating resources, government employees are expected to do more with fewer resources. Consequently, working efficiently is necessary.



Digitization allows you to work smarter and more customer-focused with user-friendly solutions integrated with your familiar Office environment.



With digitization, many government processes can be automated and optimized, both internally and in terms of communication with citizens and businesses.

Existing integrations

Infront is committed to the reusable components, where each administration can take advantage of our already existing developments and integration components, such as integrations with ACM/IDM access management, My Citizen Profile, E-Counter Entrepreneurs, Digital Signature Directory, MAGDA Enterprises, Persons, CRAB/Address Registry, Energy Performance Database, DOSIS, Document Service, ...

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