Power Platform

Give everyone the power to innovate

Microsoft Power Platform, a low-code development platform that turns business needs into digital solutions easily and quickly. A platform for the 'citizen developers' among us as well as for professional app developers.

The platform brings hands-on solutions to the digital transformation of your company, boosts innovation and simplifies daily work.

Depending on the needs, Power Platform solutions can be an extension of existing applications in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 or can be developed completely independently.


Power Platform 

The low-code development platform that empowers your company's digital transformation.

Power Platform _ Infront

Power Platform

The power of the Power Platform lies in its entirety. The various applications can be seamlessly connected to each other, to other well-known Microsoft applications such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure, as well as to stand-alone applications.

This creates endless and powerful possibilities in building complete business solutions based on your needs.


Power BI

Valuable business insights and a data-driven corporate culture.


Power Apps

Drive innovation and turn ideas into powerful apps.


Power Automate

Create automated workflows between applications and services.


Power Virtual Agents

Chatbots that speak your language. Manage them yourself without code knowledge.


Power Pages

Building your own business websites in no time with little code.

Opportunities of the Power Platform?


Anticipating the market

The Power Platform ensures flexibility to quickly respond to and anticipate market changes and developments.


More efficient working

Optimising and automating repetitive internal processes saves a lot of time.



The ability to easily collaborate with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and numerous other data sources via a library of connectors.



Built on Azure, so inherits the same enterprise-grade security, certifications and controls trusted by companies around the world.

Bring joy to your digital interactions.