Geautomatiseerde document flows met Document Automation op Dynamics 365

Streamline document flows

Documents are crucial in every Dynamics 365 implementation. Equally whether you need to send sales or service documents, internal reports or contracts for signing, DocumentsCorePack will help you streamline and simplify your document requirements.

DocumentsCorePack is a document generation tool based on Dynamics 365 data. Making use of Microsoft Word, DocumentsCorePack provides a set of tools to create and process documents effectively. The document generation wizard guides users through the process to fully automated document creation. DocumentsCorePack will make your business documents look professional and help you to process them efficiently!

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DocumentsCorePack  Infront

Document workflows

The advantage of DocumentsCorePack over the standard Word document creation available in Dynamics 365 is that documents can be created as part of a workflow. This brings your business process automation to new heights as you are then able to automatically create documents based on a trigger in Dynamics 365, determine how the document is delivered to the customer and where the document is stored. Click here to see the detailed comparison between DocumentsCorePack and the standard Dynamics 365 functionality.

DocumentsCorePack based on Dynamics 365 is a set of tools to create and process documents effectively.

Document Automation

Consistent structures

A real world example of where DocumentsCorePack adds value to your business process is the creation of sales quotations and contracts where standard text is merged with data stored in Dynamics 365 to complete the document. In this way, lay-out and styling is consistent and the document is stored in the correct location allowing easy access to all who need it. Additional configuration of the document flow allow for various delivery options of the document via the printer, pre-defined e-mail or integration with an electronic signing service such as DocuSign.

Automated consistent lay-out & styling, and always stored in the correct location.

Document Digitalisation

A few screens and schematics

Bring joy to your digital interactions.