Customer relationships that grow with Dynamics 365

Infront tailors the several CRM applications within Dynamics 365 to the end users, providing a CRM package that truly simplifies tasks. Sales teams are provided with actionable sales information and in-depth insights, sales and marketing are aligned, customer service is optimized and communication runs smoothly.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your ideal CRM system is software that users enjoy working with every day.


Your office in the cloud with Microsoft 365

Productivity combined with advanced security capabilities and device management, creates a modern workplace in the cloud for the entire organization. Employees can access their data from anywhere, allowing them to collaborate productively from different locations.

Our experts help you determine which Microsoft 365 applications you need and guide the transition. Through training, we get everyone excited about the office in the cloud.

Microsoft 365

Using the Microsoft 365 cloud platform, employees get the flexibility to work securely wherever they want.


All power at your fingertips with the Power Platform

The building blocks within this powerful platform and their low-code ease of use give it the ability to address problems and challenges, fulfilling concrete needs immediately.

Users can use it to develop flexible and intuitive on-demand solutions by bundling different applications or extending and combining applications with each other, enabling a quick response to changing needs within the organization and industry.

Power Platform

A low-code development platform from Microsoft that boosts innovation within your company and empowers everyone to create value.


Bring joy to your digital interactions.

Long-standing experience

lnfront is one of the first Belgian partners with experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is at the forefront of knowledge and expertise with this powerful CRM application.


years of experience with Dynamics


successful projects


certified consultants


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