Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Drive demand and close deals faster

A CRM solution with a wide range of tools and features is at the heart of making your sales team more successful in maintaining close relationships with prospects and customers, closing deals faster and gaining market insight.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is with in-depth sales intelligence a single source of truth for your sales, marketing and account-management teams. 

Dynamics 365 Sales

A high-powered Customer Relationship Management platform for your sales, marketing and account-management teams.

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Opportunities with Dynamics 365 Sales


360° customer view

Having one central place where contact information is kept up to date benefits the whole organisation and reap the advantage of a 360° view of your contacts. Take these relationships to the next level with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration. 


Increase sales win

Keep track of your sales pipeline and have new insights into your sales process. Know which opportunities to prioritise. Break down the barriers in long sales cycles and have CRM propose next steps to accelerate sales. 


Activity management and tracking

The native integration with Microsoft applications such as Outlook allows you to track e-mail and meetings. Activities such as phone calls, tasks and visit reports all come together in one timeline.


100% cloud

Access your Dynamics 365 Sales anytime, anywhere and on any device. Furthermore automatic upgrades keep your CRM on the latest version while adding new cutting edge sales tools.

I want to bring joy to my customer interactions.

Build and maintain customer relationships

As the world is changing and digital transformation opens up new possibilities to interact with our relations, it is now more important than ever to have an overview of these interactions. Then you can build stronger relationships by identifying conversations starters with your customers that lead to new opportunities.

  • Build 360° view of your contacts from an initial enquiry through to a satisfied customer.
  • Contacts are no longer duplicated across multiple data silos.
  • Maintain up to date contact information easily and stay in touch.
  • Connect and engage with contacts while keeping a timeline of activities.

Close sales faster

Today customers are more informed about the choices they make so it is important that sellers stay ahead. Guiding sellers through a winning sales strategy will help sellers consistently be more successful while capturing data along the sales process from lead to winning the opportunity.


Transform your proven sales process into actionable customer journey’s.


Engage with your prospects and customers determining your sales strategy with the insights gathered throughout the sales process.


Build and maintain a reliable sales pipeline with Dynamics 365 Sales out-of-the-box features.


Let your sales team focus on selling rather than burdening them with repetitive tasks and wasting time looking for information across systems.


Dynamics 365 Sales will help your sales organisation identify the hottest deals helping you decide where to focus your attention.

Gain market insights

Gain new insights into your sales operations with reports available at your fingertips. Dynamics 365 Sales helps you report on up-to-date and accurate data, saving you time and allowing you to act faster.

When you additionally integrate Dynamics 365 Sales with existing software solutions, it significantly increases efficiency and enriches the 360° view of your customer. With these extended insights, you are able to interact better with your customer.

Reporting and data visualisation


  • Dashboards with relevant reporting for the stakeholders within your organisation.
  • Choice of reporting in Dynamics dashboards, PowerBI and Excel.
  • Customise dashboards yourself.

Seamless integration


  • Native integration with familiar office tools such as Outlook, Word, Excel.
  • Communicate through Teams by initiating calls and chats from within Dynamics 365 Sales as well as sharing dashboards and data with Teams sites and channels.
  • Enrich your CRM with relevant data from your ERP.
  • Extend with standardised solutions in the Microsoft AppSource.

Bring joy to your digital interactions.