Werken bij een toonaangevende Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner

You know it works when...

1. We ask the question, we question. 

2. When seeing a problem, we think in solutions

3. Big or small, we share every spark, without delay.

4. Being your best self is what we do together.

5. We don't avoid feedback, positively and constructively.

We are always looking for colleagues who share our spark

De klik met Infront

Different profiles as building blocks of our team

Together, we ensure that our customers' digital interactions can run smoothly and easily. To deploy each at their strengths, we have different profiles that we rely on.


Project Manager

Project Managers ensure the smooth follow-up of projects in terms of scope, timing and budget. They ensure fast and clear communication to the client about the progress.


Functional Analyst

Functional Analysts take care of properly capturing the as-is situation, customer needs and converting the processes into a functional design within D365 Customer Engagement and the Power Platform. They also ensure correct configuration of the applications, testing and training of users.


Technical Consultant

When customers want just that little bit more than the already elaborate out-of-the-box solution, the Technical Consultants dive into the code and ensure that almost all customer requirements are met. They also appear on scene when intergrations are needed.


Customer Succes Analyst

After delivery, we don't leave the customer out in the cold. Those who would like modifications to their application can call on our Support Team. Besides troubleshooting existing apps, they also deal with change requests or desired extensions.

Help us bring joy to all digital interactions.

I applied, what can I expect?

  • Sollicitatie bij Infront


    • After receiving your CV and motivation, an initial interview will be scheduled. We guarantee a quick response. 
    • You will be introduced to the Talent Lead.
  • Pre-boarding bij Infront


    • A 2nd interview will be scheduled, this time with one of our Managing Partners.
    • A salary proposal is worked out and the contract can be signed.
    • The onboarding process will be prepared and you will receive the necessary info along the way.
  • Onboarding bij Infront


    • On your 1st day, you will receive all the necessary info and be introduced to colleagues, including your buddy.
    • During the 1st weeks, you will go through training within Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, be introduced to project operations and be followed up by our Talent Lead.
    • A two-way feedback meeting will take place after the 1st quarter.
  • Carrière bij Infront


    Personal growth is key.

    • An annual open feedback session helps determine your strengths and growth plan.
    • You are supported in your growth by Managing Partners, Leads and colleagues.
    • On a quarterly basis, we have a follow-up interview to gauge your satisfaction.