Microsoft is excited about our collaboration at De Lijn

At transport company De Lijn, we initially implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a CRM system for their customer relationship management and third-party payer follow-up. This was followed by the modernization of their various processes in terms of case management and dispatching services with the implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service.

"With our tools, our employees can focus more on the core of their work and less on administration."

Nanna Miettunen | ICT Project Manager at De Lijn
  • Case Management functionalities were used to manage reports and distribute them to the right people or services.
  • Social Security functionalities ensure the efficient management of incidents, aggression reports and flow problems. The DIM (Dispatching Incident Management) tool built for this purpose by Infront makes it possible to react quickly to reported incidents, making all the data available on the DIM sheet with just a few clicks, so that the necessary urgent help can be provided first, possibly with automatic involvement of the emergency services. The administrative further support or handling can be processed by other colleagues, or later after the urgency is resolved.
  • Driver Management is the tool used to monitor drivers in order to support and reward them appropriately.
  • Field Service takes care of the planning and routing of the bus stop teams and also the back-office follow-up of all mobile checks De Lijn performs on the buses and subways.
  • A CSI solution (Case Management Damage Incidents) was set up with Power Apps, as a tool for managing insurance files and damage follow-up.

De Lijn chose the Dynamics 365 platform for all these solutions because of its agility, flexibility, simplicity and the necessary integration possibilities, such as with the Power Platform.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions therefore offer the necessary perspectives for the future at De Lijn.


Read the article by Microsoft at: Microsoft D365 implementation at De Lijn


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